TV Fashion: A Preppy Girl’s Capsule Wardrobe Inspired by Blue Veins

I previously wrote an article on 5 Street Style Pieces to Blend in Like a Local Girl in Hong Kong and it’s a good side article to read if you haven’t seen it. From my experience, Kay’s character and style is inspired by both Hong Kong’s hoarding ways (in a humorous way) and the Korean really put-together and preppy style, both of which are mentioned in that article.

You don’t know when it’s the next show that TVB produces will have a well-thought out wardrobe that matches the characters’ personality and depending on the budget perhaps, but Blue Veins definitely seemed to have made the cut. Other apparent factors to support the idea of this high budget series is the filming destinations in the dreamy Netherlands, a 30+ episode (basically anything more than 20-25+ stands a better chance to have had bigger company investment), and two-time TV king to support a cast that no one else has heard before.

It only seems natural then a budget like that would attract a few more sponsors for the wardrobe department that can churn out styles that are consistent over the span of the series.

In this part we will tackle Kay and Grace’s wardrobe and what they gravitate towards. As sisters, their styles are quite similar, but I will point out the differences. Keep in mind that since the series was filmed in the winter, their wardrobe consists mostly of sweaters and coats, but through the colors and personality, you also get a better grasp of what they will lean towards if the warmer seasons roll around.

Kay Tse: Bold Preppy

As cliched and typical as Kay’s character is, the composition of Ah Mung include a bit of both stereotypes from the helpless vampire girl who is desperate for a love life to the Hong Kong female hoarder of all things luxury and branded name.

Throughout the show, Kay doesn’t shy away from expressing herself and one can agree that her wardrobe colors are as intense as her need to feed.

She loves big bright pieces and if you think a small pop of color will satisfy her appetite, speak only for yourself. Either go big or go home. When she wears color, she goes all out and make sure that she’s the center of attention even if that yellow holed-sleeved coat may make her look like a walking banana. And do you remember the time she wore a red flared midi skirt to express love to a man that was not yet hers? Well, it’s definitely a outfit dare as well as a love dare. For pants, she throws on the usual jeans, but also as a taste for liquid leggings and over-the-knee boots with a platform.

And when she turns on her vampiric side, she goes for all-black everything. The darker the better. Anything with a hood where she can hide her fangs and smoked black eyes, she will need it. Leather jackets are a must.

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Grace Chan: Hints of Color

Grace’s style is very similar to her sister’s, but instead of going bold on the bright colors in major pieces, she feeds it to us in smaller doses. Remember that time she wore a red knit beanie on a light beige wrapped coat in Holland? Her cute accessories don’t end there though I’m not sure if it’s that cold that she’ll need earmuffs, but what do I know, I’ve never been to Holland.

Most of her winter wardrobe consists of beiges, creams, whites, and grays in the form of knits or coats. These light colors also represent her innocence, which is why she already have two Asian guys preying on her by the time she wore the outfit as indicated in the photo above. She also tends to love to keep warm in cowl-neck cuts and tunic lengths. And like most of us, she wears jeans for the most part.

As a student, she can’t afford to live the professional life her sister loves to indulge in, but she still keeps her pieces classically clean and polished.

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What do you think?

I absolutely love Grace’s beige coat and red beanie that seamlessly build in with Holland’s overall beauty landscape. Is preppy, polished, and pulled together your style?

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