TV Fashion: Downtown Street Chic Capsule Wardrobe Inspired by Blue Veins

With the Blue Veins series finale up in the air tomorrow, I’m glad I can finally crank out the final piece for this fashion series I started. A few weeks ago, I began creating Kay and Grace’s preppy capsule wardrobe, but because the series itself was stagnating and absolutely uninspiring with it’s dark sitcom-like plot, my creativity and motivation plummeted as well.

That said, as lacking as the storyline is, all the characters’ fashion and styles remain true to character and here I am delivering the last piece to this series, featuring Winki Lai and Anjaylia Chan’s inspired wardrobe.

Winki Lai: City Chic Redhead

Okay that photo above is not the most inspiring shot of Winki, but I aim to be on point. Even the actress herself thanked Grace for taking this shot of her. If there was anyone we would expect to have a crazy style, it would be her. Surprisingly, because her statement red hair speaks for itself, for the most part, she only wears neutrals with the occasional burgundy cardigan coat that makes you wonder if she’s the devil’s daughter. You wouldn’t think that Kay’s style has more brights, colors, and leather than Winki’s, but again, she’s vampire and that’s a totally different species.

It’s more difficult to style oneself with such crazy and vibrant hair color so keeping everything neutral is the way to go. Although she attends the same university as Anjaylia, her coats are much more tailored, structured, and longer in length. Like her friend, she also prefer black jeans, boots, and a throw-on backpack to sneak from continent to continent. She also loves long duster cardigans for that powerful and witchy vibe and she can’t complete a look without a large silver pendant necklace to show off her boho side.

Winki’s Inspired Wardrobe

 Anjaylia Chan: Casual Utilitarian

Cute, perky, but one of the most responsible and mature among the young gang, her style is as easygoing as her personality. Almost a bit too casual that it’s not exactly a style in itself. But they say fashion is all about mix and match At large, she is all about practicality and utilitarian.

You’ll find her wearing some of your favorite casual pieces from a hoodie, graphic sweatshirt, puffer vest, lace-up booties, skinnies to sometimes a more casual coat or parka. For the chilly winters, she has no problem breaking fashion rules like her badass best friend and layer on two hoodies. She wears dark and neutrals for the most part, but occasionally surprises you with color somewhere at some point. Her short slightly messy hair and snap canvas backpack makes her stand out from her more put-together friends.

If that’s not enough to stand out, I think the archery equipment she occasionally carries around qualifies her as the modern-day Merida — without the stubbornness.

Ultimately, like Grace, she is the girl-next-door, but stronger and more real. With her martial arts background and always running around to help friends, the casual, utilitarian style is what she lives by.

Anajaylia’s Inspired Wardrobe

Products: Row 1: Jeans 1, Jeans 2, Jeans 3, Vest

Row 2: Coat, Parka, Pink Sweatshirt, Blue Sweatshirt

Row 3: Backpack, Boots, Sneakers

For her inspired capsule wardrobe, I pulled together budget-friendly pieces as this look is more common among high school and college students. Though I won’t lie, I still wear this occasionally, for comfort, warmth, and mood. That doesn’t go out of style no matter what stage you are in life. Plus I can always pass off as a college student thanks to youthful genes from my Asian parents. Since you’ll be running around without a car, for shoes, I would definitely splurge on something light-weight similar to the Nike Roshe or badass Dr. Martens, as cliched and mainstream as they sound. There is a reason those brands make it so big.

What do you think?

I apologize that it took so long for this post to go up but I’ve been in a creative rut lately and pulled down by inaction. For the winter seasons, I’m all about the grunge/grity downtown chic look. While I love Winki’s all black getup, I wear Anjaylia’s mix and match pieces equally frequently.

Is this your style? Or do you sway more towards Kay and Grace’s preppy and pulled-together looks from the series?