3 Hong Kong Celebrities’ Instagram to Follow for Style Inspiration

Spring this year has me searching for a way to update my style from all angles and there are just a few of those whose near perfectly curated Instagram keeps you inspired and motivated. I’ve definitely read a handful of articles on Korean celebrity street styles accounts to follow, so I was like, “why not put together something for the underrated Hong Kong stars’ accounts?”

To start off this series are three Hong Kong celebrities Instagram accounts that are worth checking out and following if you’re seeking style inspiration — like all social media influencers, style has definitely evolved beyond clothes and comes with the whole lifestyle package from beauty to traveling.

#1 Kary Ng

Having followed her Instagram since the beginning, her feed has definitely grown a lot with a more definitive style over time. It makes you wonder if social media makes someone’s style more unique when you know there is motivation to document it for everyone to see or because they already have a good style, so let’s share it with the world. Her style from basically minimalistic last year to radically Bohemian this year, it’s everything that resonates with my style.

Despite being based on Hong Kong, I love how her style is very westernized and street-style friendly!

#2 Anjaylia Chan

Her cute face caught my attention first in the TVB series Blue Veins. A quick scroll in her Instagram had me sold as she curates one of the most minimalistically beautiful feeds without being boring or superficial. One thing for sure is that she doesn’t upload a bowl of plain half-finished noodles that we are all stoked to see. While she may wear designer items from time to time (I mean c’mon she’s a celebrity after all), she appears to not follow what fashion is, but has her personal, unique style that makes sense in the grand scheme of her Instagram feed at least.

Her style is a mix of a little bit of everything from mod, retro, sexy, tomboy, feminine to minimalistic. Because of the wide range of styles, she keeps her style balanced by only going by a few color schemes, including her most frequently flaunted color: muted pink.

#3 Crystal Li

Miss Hong Kong turned actress turned lifestyle blogger, Crystal’s Instagram is filled with some of the prettiest locations from Bali to Seoul. While I love visiting Hong Kong, the congestion and population density is something I’m so not use to and I’ll never live there for that reason, but I’m definitely envious of how geographically-close she is to some of the most exotic islands and cities with my favorite foods. Petite and 5’3 herself, her personal style can easily be inspiration for thin Asian women, not to mention her yoga photos almost makes me feel bad for being a foodie.

What do you think?

Of course, these are only the stars whose style I relate most to. I’m always looking for new inspiring Instagram accounts to follow and it’s the easiest social media app to scroll while on-the-go. What are you favorite celebrities Instagram accounts?

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