First Impressions: Presumed Accidents (TVB, 2016)

Presumed Accidents (純熟意外)

Genre: Modern/Crime Thriller
Length: 28 episodes

Cast: Lawrence Ng, Sisley Choi, Selena Li, Lai Lok Yi, Joyce Tang, Raymond Cho, Winki Lai, etc.

Presumed Accidents marks the return of Lawrence Ng, or maybe more accurately it’s his one-time fling with TVB more than a long-term relationship. With promising and decent promos, there were hopes that it’s something more than simply adrenaline rush and car flips for the sake of it. Furthermore, I almost groaned when it started off with a Ming Dynasty scene with Lawrence and an unknown bride, who got shot from soldiers chasing after them. At first sight, that Yuan/Ming Dynasty flashback instantly reminded me of Kevin Cheng from. I can’t handle another undead after how TVB handled it with Kevin. If you haven’t read and care, these are my feelings for Blue Veins.

Following the first episode and first week into the series, I’m pleasantly surprised that it seems to be an interesting series despite how it’s lead by TVB’s typical procedural subplots. Shrugs, they make TVB dramas more fast-paced and if you don’t like this one, onto the next. However, aside from the procedural plots of accidents and insurance claims, there exists a lot (and probably too much) mystery in Lawrence’s character.

An older actor and soul alike, you’ll wonder where he finds the time be a barista and make latte art during working hours while the other 7 million population is hustling away in HK, have time to help Sisley take her clothes to the dry cleaners and be around for her as a 24-hour chauffeur. And he carries out all those duties in a suit. (Dayumm, #boyfriendgoals) And guess what? That really scares me because that’s exactly like Kevin’s undead character in Blue Veins except his restaurant was Japanese-themed. Fine, and their styles are completely opposites.

While the mystery is definitely building some suspense, it’s finally time for Sisley to get some praises. Like everyone else, I was skeptical all over again when they decided to pair Lawrence up with Sisley. Remember that same reaction you probably had when he was paired with Kate Tsui in Tomorrow Is Another Day? It’s that plus Sisley is ten years younger than Kate so there you have it. I didn’t watch Tomorrow so I can’t comment, but I’m pleasantly surprised that Sisley’s character is definitely wise beyond her age that it’ll make you wonder why she is friends with one of her best friends (ahem, think I.I). One is a classic lazy, partying young millennial while another is at least ten years older than her own age. You can say her parents’ passing had a huge impact on her, but whether that is really true or only conveniently narrated to make her a good companion for Lawrence, I do enjoy their scenes together as the leads.

Lawrence certainly knows Sisley from another time, but everything between him and his well-dressed butler is playing hard to get. They always comment that Sisley is smarter than her age and that it’s fate for Lawrence to have encountered her once again. You’ll really appreciate their way of communication and how they implicitly understand each other while solving cases together. Well, what Lawrence is really doing is volunteering his time.

One thing that’s been cursed in all of Sisley’s characters (at least so far this year it has) is no matter which occupation she is written into, her character always has that hard work ethic that allows her to go beyond her job duties to seek out the truth and justice. I can’t imagine how unrealistic that is for most of what I see in reality and even her onscreen boss criticize her for it and puts her back in her position. I love how she brings hope unrealistically. It’s like TVB’s way of telling a fairytale.

Speaking of being mysterious, Lawrence isn’t the only one here. After five episodes, Selena and Lai Lok Yi who were marketed to be the part of the supporting cast is slacking off and hasn’t appeared yet while Joyce is killing it as that flamboyant middle-aged rigid boss who just wants to get the job done. Seriously, how does she maintain her super soft skin, looks, and fit figure? Anyway, her style is definitely not doing her any justice, but despite being that boss who does it like it is with no extra dose of sugary sympathy, she can be funny at times. I can already see it coming with her and Raymond, another insurance claims investigator who appears to play it by the rules on the surface — perhaps because he knows his boss disapproves it.

Finally, Winki seemed to have joined TVB as a regular supporting actress. Appeared in three series consecutively? I don’t think it’s a coincidence, but being the outspoken, badass cop she is, she seems to be already typecasted in “loud” characters.

Praises and criticisms aside, I hope it’s not too early to say that I’m looking forward for the rest of the ride. Please don’t let me regret it like I did for Blue Veins.

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