TV Fashion: 90’s Vintage Wrap Dresses (Fresh Off the Boat)


I won’t go into detail about Constance’s overall style on the comedy show, Fresh Off the Boat here because I wrote a separate about her style last year. While her style remains pretty much the same for season 2, there is this one piece that caught my eye again and again. Throughout the second season, she has definitely worn the 90’s vintage inspired wrap dress in many patterns and forms, but one thing for sure is that I can’t help but notice that it’s the perfect intersection between comfortable and vintage chic!

These wrap dresses that Constance seems to adore on the Asian family comedy show usually comes in floral patterns or simply solid colors. Initially, for the vintage look I thought she wore more darker florals as it’s more conservative and less flamboyant for “the practical mom” look, but it turns out she loves brights equally. In episode 22, she was spotted in a sleeveless coral wrap dress with a smooth satin finish. As a mom of three boys, short dresses are easy to run errands in while staying stylish, though I’d admit my Asian mom never wore any type of dress to run around in all day. While I don’t always catch what specific shoe she pairs with these dresses, anything from mules, ankle booties, to strappy block heels seems like a viable companion. Keep those heels 2-3 inches.

Mother or not, these wrap dresses have been everywhere on the street and pretty much every fast fashion retailer carries them today. The hardest part may just be finding a print and cut that works flawlessly for yourself. I’d admit it took me the longest time to get away from my cami dresses, which I feel I’m getting a little too old for sometimes, and when I hopped on the kimono wrap dress (mine was a vibrant blue floral color) bandwagon I was really sold and it became my favorite dress in my closest for the past year. It’s versatility has allowed me to wear it to birthday parties and dinners alike, to work, to a wedding, and even on a date.

Depending on your style, wrap dresses are adaptable to trends and personal style. While the original wrap dresses back in the days are slightly more body-hugging and slim, there are definitely more comfortable and looser fits depending on what style you’re going for. Since Constance’s style happens to be 90’s inspired for show, the dresses themselves are slightly vintage, but super in and trendy for the last few seasons.

Since it’s longer than your average short-sleeve shirt/dress, it’s versatile as well as season-proof. Pick one in dark floral are you have a dressier piece for a seamless season transition.

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