The Simple Formula to Sisley Choi’s Outfits in “Presumed Accidents”

Having style doesn’t mean every outfit has to be creative and novel. Sometimes all we need are a few sustainable, quality pieces that we can grab and go for each morning without having to think about what to wear. While Sisley Choi’s style in Presumed Accidents is very basic, I love how simplistic and practical they are. Minus the brown “doctor satchel” passed down from her mother, her outfits are nostalgic of a styling formula I used back in 2015 — all while staying modern and chic.

Sisley’s style in Presumed Accidents can be described as minimally chic, practical, and clean.

The Formula –

  • A collared shirt or fashionable top with short sleeves
  • Dark to medium-wash super skinny jeans
  • Thin outerwear that is usually a long shirt cardigan, drapey hooded parka, long blazer, or long button-down vest
  • Long medium-sized pendant necklace
  • Sneaker wedge or flat white sneakers
  • Brown two-way structured satchel bag

Take Note –

  • Sisley doesn’t follow trends and while everything she wears is modern and in, the pieces are also very comfortable and conservative.
  • She prefers similar pieces in different colors and shades. For example, she only wears skinny jeans, but have them in different shades of blue. But the piece that stands out among everything is usually the outerwear piece. Her outerwear pieces comes in the widest range of colors from a bright and sassy red one day to a calm minty shade color another. Still, there are days where she’ll tone it down with a dirty gray shade.
  • She wears the same handbag over and over again and treasures her brown satchel because it’s a hand-me-down from her mom. She refers to it as the “doctor’s bag.”
  • As an investigator, she is always out and about in the field so she only wears white flat sneakers or sneaker wedges. Sneaker wedges adds a bit of height for the short girl, but Sisley doesn’t need it.

Details –

Basic Wardrobe Pieces –

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Pink VestHooded ParkaLong Blazer

Top SatchelBottom Satchel

Layered TopPendant NecklaceButton Down

Jeans 1Jeans 2

Flat SneakersSneaker Wedge

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