5 Skincare Products I’ve Repurchased Again and Again

Over the next few weeks, AF will have a series where I will write about the beauty and skincare products that I’ve repurchased again and again.

#1 Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Face Cream Moisturizer

Over the years, I’ve at least repurchased this product 10x. Believe it or not, I randomly picked up my first tub when I was in the market seeking for a moisturizer. My skin wasn’t in a terrible condition back then, but I didn’t have a holy grail facial moisturizer before this. Noticeable differences begin to arise within one week of using this product and it made me skin smoother and more hydrated. I have to admit that after 3+ years of using this product, there has a diminishing returns effect so I switched to another moisturizer for the time being.

It will be something I will be coming back to again and again whenever I need a pick me up, however. It’s available at Target for $25, but the best deal I’ve seen was at Costco where it’s two tubs for around $32 (I’ve only seen the deal once though).

#2 Nivea Soothing Lip Care

I’ve repurchased many lip balms throughout the years because I go through a tube every 3-4 months, but this one by Nivea is my favorite. It’s moisturizing, but most importantly glides on super smooth. I definitely prefer Nivea over Burts Bee’s lip balms for that reason.

They come in a few scents, but Milk and Honey and Mint are are my go-to’s. If you are concerned about having SPF in your lip products, this line also comes with that option. Any products with SPF are off limits for my allergens though. Otherwise, it usually comes in a pack of two for $3.50.

#3 Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser

If there is product that is cheap, works like a miracle, and that I was able to convert family and friends to, it would definitely be Neutrogena’s Acne-Free Cleanser. Ironically, I didn’t pick this up because I had acne (but I did have random blotches of redness in my skin at that time), but purchased the wrong product with good intentions.

It’s claim that you’ll see “results in one day” was too much of a marketing gimmick to me at first, but I really saw results the next day.

I was like, (insert “big eyes and mouth drop” emoji).

Like many facial cleansers, it has 2% salicylic acid. While I’ve heard this doesn’t work for every skin type and despite my friend who majored in biology gave me a breakdown of why the treatment doesn’t work and why (I still don’t get her explanation even till this day), I tend to be more of a believer of practical and visible results. I’ve purchased a few tubes for my mom (who has been using Shiseido’s cleanser out of habit more than love) and it’s something that she claims is both less expensive and works on her skin effectively as well.

Because it’s only a few dollars, these days we have a few tubes lying around our restrooms and showers throughout the house.

#4 Korean Facial Sheet Masks

I was a little too inspired by East Asian girls’ method of skincare when I was in Hong Kong. It’s a little hard not to be when there is a vibrant pink Sasa (drugstore range beauty) store around every corner of any main street in the city. The range of Korean and Japanese sheet masks were endless and inexpensive.

And honestly, I would go back to Hong Kong just to replenish my inventory of sheet masks because they are so expensive in the states.

Think Sephora sells one Dr. Jart+ masks for $7-8 but you can get a pack of 10 for $10-15 in HK.

With it’s endless options in sheet masks, it can definitely get overwhelming when you are first trying them out. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite line of masks yet, but I did end up purchasing many of the sheet masks that were marked as “hot item” by the store.

The underlying promise of a sheet masks is it’s hydration properties though some claim that they rejuvenate your skin with collagen, ginseng, and all the amazing Asian herbs possible. While I can’t really vouch for that (considering how inexpensive it is), one thing for sure is that: falling asleep with a sheet mask on is usually my favorite way to end a hot summer day.

It really hydrates though, just like a moisturizer.

#5 Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream – Ultra Calm

Initially, I thought it’s a little too early to put this cleanser on the list because I honestly haven’t repurchased it yet, but definitely will. Having used this for two months now (I needed a change from the Neutrogena one I’ve been using for 3+ years consistently), I love the calming sensation it gives my skin. The “feel good” factor for this cleanser is certainly a motivation to wash your face twice a day.

My skin has definitely been on the good side over the years so when I bought this, I wasn’t looking for something to alleviate a skin concern, but simply something that feels good and removes all traces of makeup. I’d admit that it’s plant-based ingredients did make me feel like it was a safer product to try out.

What do you think?

What are the skincare products that you have repurchased again and again? What are you holy grail skincare products? Do share!

  • Recently I discovered this product – Mizon Collagen Power Lifting Cream and let me just say, I’m in love. It doesn’t really ‘lift’ my skin, as labeled, but what it is, is a great moisturizer. I just slap a few squirts onto my skin and it plumps it up overnight. My skin feels smoother, healthier, just better in general. I’ve heard of Mizon’s infamous snail products but they didn’t work as well on my skin as this one did. This was mostly a surprise and random buy for me since I saw the ingredients list was pretty decent and price was reasonable too. You might want to try it~

  • I lived in France this past year and fell in love with their micellar water. I usually use it in the morning (rather than at night as a makeup remover), and it’s perfect when I’m still feeling too lazy to lather up. It removes all traces of leftover overnight moisturizer/serums, without being drying, and preps my face really well for makeup.

    • If you live in the ‘states now, try Garnier Micellar water. It’s being rated as highly as Bioderma one and much cheaper to boot.

      • Ivana, I know this is in reply to WanderingGator, but I’m going butt in here. I recently purchased the Garnier Micellar water and love it! It’s my first time trying micellar water although I’ve heard it for a while and I must say I love how I can use it for many purposes beyond just makeup removal (will write a separate post on that another time). I meant to pick up the micellar water by Simple as recommended by another blogger, but couldn’t find that one in store so I settled for the Garnier one instead — and I’m so glad I did!

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