Links I Love: Week of July 28, 2016

Every week I soar the web for articles that I loved reading and left learning something valuable for myself. So here they are:

By Zoe Report: 7 Behaviors You Should Have Outgrown By Your 30s. I’m getting there. What about you? The only bad habit I still have is critiquing every photo I take, according to this list. For some reason, it’s just never good enough lol. The list is actually less superficial than you think btw.

I love the wet eyelid look for summer! I’ve always gravitated towards less eye makeup for summer, but this season, I’m changing it up with shades like a deep sunset orange.

Want to be happier? Read this. I always love how Zanita’s articles are quick and gets to the point quickly!

This piece makes understanding the Brexit situation much easier and clearer.

For those of you job hunters: 9 things to consider when accepting a job offer. The people you work with matters so much!

Reminisce: Did you ever make any of these fashion faux pas in the 90’s? The large logo tees definitely got me.

Although Abercrombie & Fitch made some mistakes in the past, but they are still a good affordable brand for fast fashion. They are once again rebranding to associate with a more adult crowd. What do you think?

In case you are interested in any Disney collaborations with fashion brands.