First Reactions to Fashion Trends of Fall 2016

With fall soon to be in the air and the weather fluctuates between warmer and cooler days, LA has been too indecisive to admire. While I’ve been loving my black and clean-cut chokers from Forever 21, I’m ready to layer it up again with my new oversized coat from Zara that I snagged on sale for only $30. But living and knowing LA weather, I might not be able to bust that coat out until winter. Boo.

I thought I will share some of the hottest trends for the upcoming fall season below and my initial reactions it. Although this isn’t a comprehensive list, I’ve compiled everything that stood out to me for better or for worse.

Fashion, especially that from the runway, can be flamboyant, but there are always those unique, statement or detailed pieces that amp up our daily outfits, surprisingly, while others are outright impractical and we’ll be like, “why?”

Embellished Guitar Straps


Little or grand details really help amp up my classic and neutral-colored outfits and thick straps scales up a bag — plus these are embellished! I just hope they sell individually so I can mix and match with bags I already own.


I can see that this trend can be cute on Asian girls who are inspired by Korean or Japanese fashion. A body-conscious navy mini dress and a black capelet? Adorably sophisticated!

Statement Choker

I already own a few streamlined, classic chokers for the summer. It’s just easier to keep the clean, and this time with a touch of glamour, mindset for the fall.

David Bowie Boots

I know often times Asian girls need the added height, but this is a little too punk, even for me.

Extra Long Sleeves

Who needs the extra fuss? Fashionable? Only for the select few who doesn’t need to roll up their sleeves at work.


You bet. I wear these regardless of whether it’s on of off trend. Trends don’t dictate my need for comfort and zzzz everywhere I go.


These seem more for show, glamour, and pretentious than for functionality. I can understand why people will wear mittens if they lived in cooler weather areas, but having to type on a computer or another electronic device everyday, how often do we really get the use out of gloves? Not unless you’re a construction worker. Save this for Halloween.

Fur Stoles

It’ll be hard not to look like an outlier in LA with these sideway fur stoles. While they are certainly glamorous and classy, people here are just way more casual. Ripped jeans and sandals are more our thing. ;)

Patent Leather Trench Coats

Are they trying to be the next leather jacket? Patent leather boots and heels are okay in small doses, but it’s hard to go out in this and not look you walked out of an action movie.

Schoolgirl Jumpsuits

Asian women already naturally look like schoolgirls. Let’s not wear anything that reminds us that we barely age.

Pink and Yellow


Pink lemonade anyone? It’s still summer so I have an excuse. I bet these colors will look adorable on trendy Asian girls, but I think I’m still a magnet to the color black.

What do you think? Which fall trends are your favorite and which do you think are most ridiculous?

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