Review: Miss and Mr. Hong Kong 2016 Show (and Winners)

The Results

Winner: Crystal Fung

1st Runner-up/Miss Photogenic: Tiffany Lau

2nd Runner-up: Bonnie Chan

Miss Friendship: Bowie Cheung

Winner: Jackson Lai

1st Runner-up: Karl Ting

2nd Runner up: Freeyon Chung

The Review

As I said earlier, I had my skepticism when TVB announced that they will be combining the Miss and Mr. Hong Kong shows. And my skepticism was reasonable. After cutting the Mr. HK show for several years, I can understand why TVB would want to revive the show, but probably not incur so many costs into promotion, stage, and planning as they did earlier.

Although Jackson’s final speech of having slaved away as a nobody in the entertainment space for seven years was very touching, TVB has always been slower to promote their male talent regardless of talent. You can clearly tell that all the current TVB actors who have hailed from the Mr. HK show in the last decade have moved onto other opportunities. When presenting to the top 3 on stage, other than Benjamin Yuen who presented to the winner, Jackson, it was Grace Chan and Eliza Sam who presented to the runner-ups. Anyway, thought that was somewhat ironic and random and just wanted to mention it.

Although TVB intended to combine the show, it’s less about creativity and more about convenience. From logo to messaging, it was clearly the “Miss Hong Kong 2016” show and I can’t blame them. The show is a classic.

The futuristic and botanical theme probably gender-neutralized the show a bit, but for the most part, the Mr. HK contestants didn’t get as much exposure on stage as their female counterparts did.

It’s not TVB to blame especially if their intention to combine the shows are simply to cut costs, but mainly because pageants revolving around women have always been more interesting and drool-worthy.I’m actually happy that TVB omitted the whole swim segment for the men because it usually turns out to be a joke anyway — like something you’ll get at Vegas or something. Not that I know specifically what because I’ve never tried out that type of service if that’s what you’re wondering. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that the tux they wore was more than appropriate and matching with the usual Miss HK show.

The one-on-one during the battle of wits segment was interesting and humorous and something that’s never pretentious. It really shows how a particular contestant thinks on their feet and since most of the show seems scripted anyway, this part is always pleasant.

The show has became so casual over the years much like a variety show. Although it’s clear that Miss HK is a stepping stone to a career with TVB be it acting or hosting, they don’t need to go as far as making the stage a recruiting and selling platform.

Fred Cheng is seeking a female co-star for his next MV?

Hand over the mic and sell your skills and talents.

Sammy Leung is looking for an host for the anniversary show?

“I have experience speaking in front of a large audience.”

Ruco and Nancy are filming a new series together and need a supporting star?

“Well, I can fight and I’m a Genghis Khan’s descendant!”

And aside from being a stage for recruiting, it was also one for advertising as well. TVB is shameless in simply plugging in sponsors left and right. Since when did the brands who provided night gowns get to come on stage? Only when the sponsor to Myolie and his business partner, Kev.

The Contestants and Performances

2016’s top 3 winners for Miss Hong Kong were probably the next best batch since Grace Chan’s year. I guess Grace’s beauty is just so mesmerizing; even as a guest presenter on stage, Natalis Chan had to make a random mention about her beauty even though we are currently awarding for this year’s contestants. While I was a bit disappointed that my personal favorite, Bonnie, was a bit nervous and stuttered almost during every segment, I’m happy that she at least made third place.

I didn’t pay much attention to Tiffany before the show, but she certainly looks better on live screen than in photos. Her performance tonight was above average and while I loved her overall attitude and demeanor, there was never a defining moment where she made me think, “she needs to be crowned now.” She, however, as the tallest contestant, once again placed second, which seems to be a trend for the Miss HK pageant.

It was a no brainer that Crystal would place and between her and Bonnie, the decision was difficult. No doubt Crystal shined bright and starry tonight and exuded strength, character, beauty, and a calm demeanor in every segment. She wasn’t nervous like Bonnie and also stood out with her perfectly curated words.

What was a bit disappointing was that Crystal’s beauty was more representative of the oriental East Asian charm while Tiffany’s tan and healthy image was more representative of the western beauty stereotype, yet Tiffany took home the award.

I love both Crystal and Tiffany for different reasons but wished that Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu, A Fist Within Four Walls co-stars who were also part of the Miss Photogenic judging panel, would have pointed their fingers at Crystal instead.

Still Ruco made me laugh when Carol Cheng asked him what his requirement was for a co-star in which he replied, “She doesn’t need to know martial arts, but she needs to have good acting chops.” Oh wait, what is he implying? ;)

Other contestants that didn’t make top 3, but stood out in one way or another included Daisy and Phoebe. Daisy who had her “descendant of Genghis Khan” tagline following her, appeared overly energetic and aggressive during the show, which was very unexpected and different from your usual candidate. While she made a statement, it doesn’t suit the classic, soft Miss HK image.

What do you think?

Considering that all the hotshot contestants made top 3 and the final results were selected by the audience, did your personal favorite place?