First Impressions: My Lover From The Planet Meow (TVB, 2016)

My Lover From The Planet Meow (來自喵喵星的妳)

Genre: Modern Comedy/Supernatural
Length: 32 episodes
Producer: Steven Tsui

Cast: Moses Chan, Nancy Wu, Kristal Tin, Pierre Ngo, Vivien Yeo, Eddie Kwan, Mimi Chu, Celine Yeung

I was so close to skipping out on writing the first impressions for this sequel.

Despite the prequel, Ghost of Relativity, being highly popular and even elevated Nancy Wu to the TV Queen throne in 2015, the sitcom pace and slapstick humor just isn’t “my type.”

To be honest, I don’t remember how I pulled through to 28 episodes of the prequel last year, but I did. But as an anniversary series, I thought I’ll go ahead and write something about it. After six episodes, the best thing about it is how how loyal it is to the prequel. TVB sequels, most of the time, never feel the same, especially when they’re filmed years later. But Planet Meow, surprisingly carries the same tone of the prequel, almost too similar that’ll you’d think you’re watching the series!

The cast remains the same (duh lol) with Moses leading as a physics PhD expert and who is held in high regards within the office, but this time with an absolutely horrendous wig. What happened to his alpha charismatic game? His lazy and socially awkward subordinates remains the same useless creatures who lays eyes on Pierre’s crew of brainless, hot female assistants. Eddie Kwan serves as the superior of Moses and Vivien Yeo rounds off the office cast as the female vixen with both smarts, several PhD’s, and a body that causes mens’ jaws to drop.


I saved the best for the last because I’m highly disinterested in the office side of the series. Surprised or not, the best part of the sequel is still the female co-leads, Nancy and Kristal. Nancy who plays a career-minded cop here is always immersed in her work and solving crimes in Hong Kong, leaving no time to care for Moses and their adorable daughter, Celine. Like in Ghost of Relativity, she is career-minded, but not particular and picky about more pretentious aspects of life, as in what she wears and how others perceive her. Like in the prequel, you can see the different values between Moses and Nancy and how this will cause an eventual rift in their marriage.

Kristal (originally a cat) appears in human form between the second and third episode. Moses hires as her as an emergency volunteer nanny when Nancy is unable to care for their daughter to and from school. Kristal who passed away (in cat form) in episode one returns to the family and immediately bonds with Celine, whom she has always (figuratively) rocked to sleep as a newborn. Nancy’s natural instincts as a cop tells her that Kristal is a bit sketchy, not to mention her background is completely unknown.

I can’t say Nancy and Kristal have a vibe going on yet, but I can sure attest that Kristal and Celine’s scenes are warm enough to keep me through the rest of the fall season.

I’m definitely not thrilled this series made it to being an anniversary production, especially not with an extension to 32 episodes (four more episodes). Though I won’t be following this one for any additional episodes, it’s pretty set that Nancy’s popularity this year is unrivaled and with or without Planet Meow, the Best Actress is on her once again.