Laurinda Ho in Leopard Print Tube Dress

On this day, Macau’s Gambling King Stanley Ho’s (何鴻燊) daughter, Laurinda Ho (何超莲), was invited to a YSL event and the younger gal sported a low-cut leopard print mini dress. The low-cut dress had a V-shape which gave the animal print a more aggressive edge. A matching copper chain necklace was worn to accessorize the neckline area. Four-inch black peep-toe heels were worn as a classic piece to balance out the wildness of the outfit.

Later, the gal also uploaded a photo of herself cooking on Weibo. She pulled on a colorful animal print jacket. Casual, yet I like the twist!

Jue: I have a liking for leopard print, but I see Florinda Ho wearing such wild pieces. Laurinda gives much more of an innocent angelic feel. Love her heels though!