Angelababy in Valentino: Shimmer Pink Flare

At the Red Valentino event, Hong Kong model Angelababy is probably one of the best candidates to wear this youthful pink Valentino 50’s inspired dress. With a touch of sheerness under the neck area, tiny florals splattered all over the gold-colored material cloth, and pink outlines, it calls for femininity in an elegant and graceful, but still youthful way. Black long curls and a few ring and bracelet accessories may or may not be a good addition, but since the concentration is on the dress itself, everything else becomes irrelevant. Also, Valentino heels with a black bow further creates a cuteness vibe, which is present in the fashion-forward celebrity herself.

Jue: Loving the 50’s inspired trend lately. It’s so feminine and cute and people of most heights can pull it off!