3 Trends & Outfits to Try for Winter 2016

How to Wear These Trends


  1. Oversized Turtleneck Sweater – Clean, Comfortable, and Cozy

This piece can both work for college students or the working woman who has to look presentable to clients at all times. For the campus girl, pair with black ankle-cut zippered jeans and sneakers. For more petite college girls, to avoid drowning in oversized fabric, tuck in the front of the sweater for a more defined hip.

For the working woman, pair with a black pencil skirt. Also, you’d want to be mindful to choose a more fitted sweater with more neutral colors unless you work in the creative industry.


2. Over the Knee Boots – Warm, Edgy, and Sexy

Over-the-knee boots seem to come and go, so they are a bit more tricky to invest in, especially since one would wear it only during the super chilly winters. For added comfort, wear with black leggings. For these boots, I would only recommend the colors black or gray.

You might be able to get away with wearing them with a cowl-neck sweater dress that hits slightly above your knee if you live somewhere with warmer winters. With that small amount of skin peeking through, it’s really a sexy tease.


3. Camel Coat – Classic, Modern, and Sophisticated

The most sophisticated of the three outfits and European-inspired, this is meant for the girl who is going for a more upscale vibe. The camel coat can be paired with black jeans. If you have a petite frame like every other Asian girl, black can give you the illusion of looking taller. Throw on an easy white basic tee and tuck in the front. Finally, finish off the look with some black platform boots.

As an alternative, if you are a taller girl, you can wear a medium-washed pair of skinnies and all white sneakers for a more sporty and casual look.


What would be your top three pieces for winter that you can’t go without? Which outfit is your style?