Hong Kong Concert Inspired Style: The Twins LOL Live in Hong Kong 2016

Well-known Hong Kong singers, Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐, Ah Gil) and Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍, Ah Sa) held their Twins LOL Live in Hong Kong concert from the end of December to early January. Although I’m not an avid follower of their songs, what sparked my interest were the various outfits they wore during the concert. It can be summed up as quirky, classic, but also electric. While I wasn’t present at the concert, perhaps those who were can shed some light into how those styles blend in with the songs they sang on those nights.

Rainbow Ostriches

These outfits make me really happy — and for a good reason. It has all the colors of the rainbow and makes me want to laugh all over again every time I see this. Ah Sa looks super adorable in her ostrich-inspired skirt with her slender legs and elevated 5-inch nude Christian Louboutin pumps. Meanwhile Ah Gil’s skirt was more proportioned by contrasting it with a black crop well-fitted top. Both their dresses are from designer, Mary Me-Jimmy Paul.

Inspired Outfit #1

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Sequins and Flare

Twins LOL Live in Hong Kong 2016_03

The most classic of the three outfits, Ah Gil’s dress consists of a off-shoulder crop top and super flare tiered skirt by designer George Chakra. I was more surprised than you that Gillian wore the most classic pointy-toed heels for the concert. Meanwhile Ah Sa on the other side of the stage went a bit more crazy with a hologram top, sequins shorts, and over-the-knee boots.

Inspired Outfit #2

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Hologram From Head to Toe

I absolutely love the hologram outfit that Ah Sa is wearing from head to toe, particularly the flared skirt and platform heels. It’s one of those fitting occasions where those platform heels does it’s job better than than a 3-incher ever would. The hologram trend has been in for 2015 and many electric music lovers have been spotted wearing them at music festivals. The holographic bodycon skirt would also be a great nighttime clubbing piece. Ah Sa’s jacket and skirt are from Fyodor Golan and Ah Gil’s dress is from Laurence & Chico.

While it can be too expensive for a one time wear, if I was an avid fan of music festival hopping, I would definitely wearing something holographic. However, I have to admit that the trend is one of the few that has the highest optimal effect when worn from head to toe.

Inspired Outfit #3

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What do you think of the outfits for the Twins’ concert? Are you a fan of any of these trends and outfits?