Cathy Tsui in Vivian Luk Atelier: Another Celebrity Imitating Elsa From Frozen

Hong Kong former actress and now the mother of four, Cathy Tsui (徐子淇) and her wealthy husband, Martin Lee (李家誠) held a two-night party at the Four Seasons Hotel. The lavish party is for their son, Preston Lee’s 100th-day celebration. For this special evening, Cathy wore an white floral-decked and pale blue chiffon gown by Vivian Luk Atelier that displayed her beautiful curves and fit figure.

She was unaware at first, but her friends pointed out that her dress has a large resemblance to Elsa’s trademarked, ice-princess gown from Frozen. She even posed as the animated Disney character! Always maintaining her elegant appearance, Cathy’s makeup is effortlessly flawless, but the best glow comes from the newborn’s happiness. She kept a few loose strands of hair for a more casual look.

Cathy’s outfit for the second night was mentioned here.