Angelababy in Blumarine Gown and Gucci Bomber Jacket

After marrying her boyfriend of many years, Huang Xiao Ming (黄晓明), Angelababy continues her work and is most often times seen wearing the latest and most romantic of designer label gowns. On this day, she is spotted wearing a light pink stripes gown with an extra layer of chiffon florals on top. The dress is part of Blumarine’s Spring and Summer 2016 collection’s advertising campaign and was also seen on the runway. The Italian fashion house brand personally boasts their styles as “romantic and feminine with a sensual, ironic and vibrant twist”, according to their Instagram. We can definitely sense the irony in the extra layer of chiffon.

A conservative style isn’t part of Angelababy’s youthful appearance and while Gucci’s Crackle Leather Bomber Jacket is pretty badass, it doesn’t quite fit the overall scheme of her dress. The silver metal leather bomber jacket is part of Gucci’s women’s Ready-to-Wear collection. The navy and red stripes outline really makes the jacket memorable and standout and the pink floral interior lining was unpredictable.

Runway Photo of Gown

Branded Advertising Campaign Photo

What do you think?

This is one of the oddest matching outfits I’ve seen Angelababy wear. The two pieces simply screams a different style. How do you feel about it?