Charlene Choi in Michael Kors Sheer Floral Maxi Skirt

Although Hong Kong actress and model, Charlene Choi’s (周秀娜) image is naturally seductive, she was spotted in a super sweet, innocent and free-spirited black floral sheer skirt that consisted of a basic white T-shirt with accompanying white shorts. The outfit which is seen on the Michael Kors runway for the spring looks fun and flirty on the runway, but even better on the street. Charlene accessorized with a simple silver necklace, but her gray studded platform sandals are a mix of eye candy and comfort.

Charlene’s Inspired Outfit

Products: Skirt, T-Shirt, Shorts, Belt, Sandal

What do you think?

I absolutely love flowy and breezy dresses and skirts for the spring and summer — and the long maxi styles certainly make you feel like you are going somewhere more important than just going on errand runs. And since it’s already been summer weather where I live, I have already worn an ensemble similar to this!

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