Janice Man in Valentino: Blue Bohemian

When Angelababy steps aside, it is probably Janice Man who has the ability to engage big sponsors like Valentino. With the Bohemian trend on full flare, there may be those who are slightly bitter that the subculture’s trend has gone mainstream and suddenly they don’t seem so special anymore. Honestly, I never understood that mindset of liking something just because it’s not mainstream. The fact that things go mainstream makes it more accessible to the masses who can’t afford it’s marked up prices.

Valentinos’s romantic vibes, silky gowns, and easygoing silhouettes are one of my favorites (and probably one of the most featured designers on this site) even though I’m not easily moved by romantic sappiness.

Before heading out to the Beijing Film Festival, the film star uploaded a photo to Instagram of her in a dusty blue silk-organza floral maxi gown. The delicate piece even had pockets and as sophisticated as it is, it’s still practical. Perfect for when you are on your smartphone while waiting for your turn on the red carpet. Simply slip it into the pocket. Kidding, of course.

With such a beautiful statement gown, the actress kept everything else simple like she should. With a slight wing for her puppy-like Asian eyes, she matched it with a simple pink lip, glowing blushed cheeks, and loose strands of side bangs for an airy touch.


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