How to Dress Down a Midi Skirt

The midi skirt is seen everywhere now and like the bohemian trend, it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere for a while. The midi skirt which was once popular during the 1940’s made it’s way back to our closets somehow. Even though I don’t wear the ever popular sexy body-conscious mini skirts all that much, I was still skeptical how well-received the midi skirt would be. Will it be too traditional and not adventurous enough for the liberal thinkers out there today? Like many things, through exposure, the idea suddenly seems not so bad and even normal.

The Jist About Midi Skirts

  • It originated from the 1940’s when the decade celebrated elegance and grace. Therefore, it may seem more for the proper, ladylike girl, but the piece definitely can be street style-fied.
  • They come in various lengths, usually it hits somewhere below your knee to your calves.
  • They also come in various fabrics and textures ranging from denim, large to micro-pleats, ribbed, or simply cotton.
  • Midi skirts can be flared or body-conscious so it has a sexy element as well.
  • Flared skirts appear more dressy and more suited for events, parties, and going out.
  • Body-con midis are are more wearable for the everyday street and can be office-appropriate due to it’s length.

How to Dress Down Midi Skirts

  • Pair it with a graphic or cropped tee during the spring and summer or a graphic sweatshirt or light sweater for the colder seasons.
  • Find a balance. If you chose a one color midi, you have more flexibility for a colorful top. Whereas, if you choose a printed maxi skirt, you want to focus on the skirt and choose a neutral colored top.
  • If you want an ultra casual vibe, pair your midi skirt with sneakers or flats,  which I’ve already been a broken record about.
  • For a chic look, pair it with ankle booties or sandal heels.
  • Accessorize with a mini crossbody if you are going for a cute, casual, and street style look. A large tote makes the look more elegant though.

Rule of thumb, if you are shorter than 5’4 like myself, I would opt for a pair of heeled ankle booties or sandal heels over flat sneakers.


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