My Most Worn Spring Fashion Pieces That Aren’t Basics

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Spring is one of those seasons that has the ability to make you consciously re-think and revamp your wardrobe. In the past years, it’s about busting out those breezy floral dresses and while I still like them, this year I have new go-to favorites that I’m actually happy to brag about.

#1 Studded Leather Backpack

I thought after high school I will swear off backpacks forever and welcome handbags, crossbodies, and totes because they are more accepted as classically feminine and fashionable. I’ve been in the market for a small black leather backpack for a while but it was hard to find one where the price was reasonable but the design was still badass interesting. I also didn’t know how long I would be into the whole backpack trend, but now it’s safe to say that it’s easy to pair with my basic wardrobe and I love keeping my hands free while out and about that I would definitely invest in something branded.

I picked this one up when I was in Hong Kong and I’ve been loving it for the spring. I normally associate black and studded items for the darker fall and winter moods, but it feels great to wear whatever the heck I want based on moods. Coordinating with weather, I’ve learned, doesn’t keep my style interesting as I gravitate towards the same floral dresses every year when spring rolls around.

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#2 Printed Maxi Skirt (w/ Slits)

Here in SoCal, spring and summer is all about the denim shorts, but they do get too standard year after year. Plus as I grow older, I almost feel that denim cutoffs are too liberal for me. I hope this mindset is only temporary as I seek a change in style because I still love em denim. Even though I saw long maxi skirts as more difficult to get around in, I find myself gravitating towards this piece even when I’m running errands. Sometimes when you save a piece for a special outing, you just don’t get so much wear out of it.

It’s probably not visible in the photo, but I love the double leg slits in the front. It makes walking so much roomier as the maxi flows behind you. I love pairing this with a basic white or black tank. Cropped, if I didn’t eat too much for the day. ;)

I do feel that maxis should give an ethereal air, whether the piece is meant for casual or upscale wear.


#3 Soft Drapey Pants

I’ve mentioned how flexible drapey pants were in my How to Survive International Travels article, but again for the spring, I love flowy silhouettes. While the piece itself may not do it justice, they are comfortably fashionable with a waist-defining crop top.

While soft pants have made a comeback lately, they are still casual. I will wear them for errand runs and lounging around the house, but unlike denim, they are a little try-hard when I attempt to dress them up for a night out.


#4 Delicate Lace Bralette

I’ve been loving this style of bralettes for at least two years, but I’ve just never splurged $20 for one at Urban Outfitters because they seem too delicate and high maintenance to take care of. Turns out they don’t even need to be hand washed. (2016 is definitely my lucky year.) Instead, I found the exact same style and quality at a small boutique for a fourth of the price. I ended up buying them in three different colors, which is still cheaper than buying one at UO. I’m sure they wholesale at the same place and sometimes I do have a problem with corporate markups. But oh wells.

I love pairing these with basic deep V-neck tank tops or just any tank that allows the lace details to peek through. Definitely flaunting it… even though I only have A-cups.

This is definitely a piece to show off and like the cliche goes, it’s about what’s on the inside that counts. ;)

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What do you think?

Since I’ve been keeping track of which pieces I wear the most often in my wardrobe using the Stylebook app, this was a good reflection of why and how I wear certain pieces.

What are your most worn pieces for spring so far?

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