Where to Gather Inspiration For Your Everyday Outfits

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I’m pretty good at cleaning out my closet and either donating or selling the items I no longer wear on eBay on a seasonal basis because I like to keep my space decluttered and minimalistic. In the years past, I’ve reflected on how much I’ve spent on certain items and whether or not I really value this skirt at $50. This has allowed me to make quicker decisions when I’m shopping.

Since I’ve been trying to get the most out of my wardrobe and keep track of which pieces I wear the most frequently, I thought I’ll reflect on what determines my outfit for that day too.

#1 Mood

Picking out what to wear based on that morning mood is by far my favorite way. It definitely makes me feel more in tune with my feelings and in a way, feeding myself through fashion and style. In other words, it’s one way to love myself every morning.

#2 Weather

Since the weather is quite liberal here in SoCal, I can easily get away with wearing shorts in the winter if it was somewhere in the 70’s. I still prefer picking out my outfits based on my mood, but we must give in to extreme weather more or less.

Because we all layer for the winter, I like to keep my style minimalistic so I only have to coordinate with colors and sometimes texture. With lighter layers in the spring and summer, I love to play with bohemian prints and contrast them against lighter solid colors so the prints pop.

#3 My Plans For the Day – Work or Fun?

I’ve worked in places with very liberal dress codes, thankfully. Other than the super short Abercrombie and Fitch shorties, there aren’t anything we can’t wear. But keeping in tune with the casual SoCal vibe, it’s usually a pair of skinnies and a cute top. If I know it’s going to be a messy outing like hiking, I will choose to wear my oldest pair of Converse even though a brand new pair of Nikes sound so dreamy right now.

#4 Celebrities & Bloggers

My Instagram is the first thing I scroll when I wake up every morning and probably the only social media outlet that I still scroll on a daily basis. When a celebrity or a blogger wear an outfit that really resonates with my mood or feel for the day, I immediately try to re-create it by shopping my own closet. That visual experience from Instagram really motivates and prompts you to take action.

Shopping my own closet is definitely a habit that I’ve trained myself to do overtime but the value really pays off in the long run.

I pay even closer attention if the celebrity or blogger is my height and body size.

#5 Shake Things Up!

I’m so proud of myself for finally getting to this one. Sometimes when I see a blogger wear a fancy outfit on Instagram, it makes me realize that I don’t have a lot of occasions where I really need to dress up. I don’t want to leave my pretty pieces only for social outings so I end up dressing them down with more casual pieces. Wearing a maxi skirt instead of easy denim shorts to run errands on a spring weekday? It almost makes running errands fun.

Wear something somewhere you would never have worn in the past.

What do you think?

How do you decide what to wear for the day? I almost never plan out my outfits the night before unless there is a dress code for the event (though that sounds like a good habit), do you? I think fashion is more fun when it’s spontaneous!

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