Fashion Wishlist 2016: Ways to Sprinkle Life Into Your Summer Closet

Whether we realize it consciously or not, it only feels right that when the new season roll around we switch up the pieces in our closet. Out with sweater weather and in with more fun, whimsical pieces for the summer. This summer my heart has laid eyes on many bohemian-inspired pieces and trends like fringe and flare, but finds the greatest inspiration in accessorizes, particularly necklaces.

With that said, let’s jump into the Summer Wishlist items that I’m on the lookout for!

#1 Fringe

I can be a hustler when it comes to certain things, but it took me the longest to jump on the fringe trend simply because when it first made a comeback, I didn’t see it staying long. These days, I just love the visual experience of anything whimsical or moving tassels that fringe seems to be the piece to naturally gravitate towards.

What’s your favorite piece with fringe details? I’m eyeing for a skirt.

#2 Flared Soft Pants

I love my pair of skinny drapey soft pants so it only makes sense to get a pair with flare as well, preferably something less dramatic than palazzo pants, but still gives off that effortless LA beach vibe.

#3 Kick Flare Jeans with Stretch

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It took me a while, but I’m finally getting back onto the bandwagon of flared jeans. Not too much flare, but just enough to flaunt that walk with block sandal heels. My need for a pair of kick flare jeans goes back to realizing how uncomfortable my old skinny jeans were during a long hauled flight that I spoke about previously. Beyond practicality, the constant exposure to the style make me ready to switch up my denim styles as well.

#4 Halter Cropped Top

Cami tank tops use to be my all-time favorite for too many years, but lately the halter neckline cropped top creates a subtly seductive vibe whether you pair it with soft drapey shorts for an LA boho vibe or with jeans and western suede booties. It’s extra sexy if it has a huge open-back where you tie it together like a swim top!

#5 Fake Tattoos (Gold)

Going to a music festival or not, I’ve been really noticing that the details really make a difference in my spring and summer outfits. The great thing about fake tattoos is that not only are they not permanent, but unlike some larger accessories, such as a statement necklace, you don’t have to worry about taking them on and off at the end of the day. Nothing like slapping it on once, not have to worry about accessorizing for the rest of the week and work outfits around to showoff your gold accents.

#6 (Pendant) Choker Necklace

On a workday, I’m normally horrible with finding time to accessorize and I know the easiest, safest, but still classiest way to accessorize is to wear a mini pendant necklace — and I chose that only because it matches with everything I have and I don’t have to take it off ever. But the situation has been a little different lately and I’ve felt the urge to accessorize more to amp up my basics, which have been getting a bit boring.

I’ve been on the hunt for a choker necklace and it’s been a tough discovery because if I plan to invest in something, it’s going to take a while.

It’s a great investment because chokers are an edgy piece that fits in like a glove with my personality.

#7 Wrap String Necklace

So simple yet it makes a statement by simply having a long strand of fabric wrap around your neck multiple times, this is an easy DIY. It’s a bit hard to pinpoint why this simple accessory makes all the difference, but it’s definitely an eye-catcher.

What do you think?

When it comes to finding pieces that I love and value for the long term, I definitely don’t mind taking my time. Part of the fun derives from the patience in the hunting process. What is on your fashion Wishlist for this summer?