Rave Review: Holika Holika Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Gel

Product: Holika Holika Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Gel

Background: Past Experience With Exfoliation Products

I’ve used many different exfoliation products before and this is my second one by an Asian brand. It seems like the exfoliation products from American brands sways more like a cleanser where you use after wetting your face, but Asian products require that your face be dry. Anyway, the last Asian exfoliation product I used was a face spray, which was both expensive and the spray method didn’t excite me.

I’d admit I like the idea of Asian exfoliation products more because I get to see the dead skin come off after rubbing in circular motions. Perhaps, it’s that peace of mind feeling that makes you realize that you got your money’s worth and the product actually works. On the other hand, I’ve never found an American product that made my skin feel smoother or softer.

I haven’t used an exfoliation product in a while and I didn’t notice a huge difference though it was apparent that my skin wasn’t as smooth as it was at one point. Still I managed to sway by without using one and still have my BB cream look decent. Lately, I’ve switched over to using a matte foundation and because they take a little more work to glide on, exfoliating has made the process easier.

My skin has been in a good state for many years now (with the exception of pimples that pop up from eating too many chips) and exfoliation didn’t seem to matter until I found a new product that makes me realize I can take my skin to a new level.

What’s It For?

Soft exfoliation for the face and removing dead skin before applying moisturizer and foundation.

How to Use

  1. Squeeze from tub.
  2. Rub all over face using circular motion on dry face. (Do not wet your face beforehand.)
  3. Rinse face with water.
  4. Your face should have a smoother surface.


  • Inexpensive and affordable.
  • Cute packaging that resembles an egg.


  • Bulky packaging and can take up a lot of space. Since it has an odd round shape, it is also harder to stack.
  • A very subtle scent to the product that may bother some people, but I’m okay with it.


I use this process once a week though it’s okay to do it twice a week, but I love using this right before applying foundation for an evening out as it makes the foundation application process way smoother! I’d admit that while the product really works, if I didn’t wear makeup, particularly foundation, then I wouldn’t notice the huge difference in my final look.

For the most part, if you don’t remove the dead skin before applying makeup, you’re basically applying the makeup on top of the dead skin. Ew, I know. Post-exfoliation the foundation seamlessly absorbs into my skin like it’s a natural layer of skin — and that’s the look I go for.


Very soft exfoliation and you’ll see as well as feel the results.

Will I Repurchase?


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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