The One Accessory Trend Worth Trying in 2016


If you can’t tell already, I’ve actually been quite obsessed with accessorizing lately. With the cowl-neck sweaters buried under my closet again, spring and summer silhouettes and styles allow more room for creative fashion expression through accessorizing with details. After evolving my minimalistic style over the course of the past year, I’ve been loving and almost wearing too much of my basics that it’s becoming dull even for myself. I found myself gravitating towards many Bohemian accessories that are on trend lately, including gold accented fake tattoos, the wrap bolo necklace, but the one trend that I’ve been seeing from American celebrity, Kendall Jenner to Asian celebrities like Janice Man and Kary Ng is the thick fabric choker.

The simplicity and versatility of the thick fabric choker makes it an easy automatic pick-me-up every morning. The simplicity of the necklace makes it so easy to simply DIY if you are into that type of art, but the most important aspect is that within this simplicity, the necklace automatically gives off a sleek and sophisticated vibe.

No gold, no silver, and no diamonds necessary, but the black fabric makes a statement that highlights the female collarbone on a budget.


Black is by far the most common color for the thick choker, but they also come in various colors. Topshop came out with one in burgundy (see below). Since it’s a black accessory, just like a clothing piece in the same color scheme, it’s highly versatile and matches with almost any outfit!

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