Steal of the Week: Triangle Lace Bralette From Q Fashion

For those who are regular shopper at Urban Outfitters (I’m not anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like their styles anymore; in fact the boho/indie style makes up the majority of my summer closet), you may or may not have fallen in love with their ever-popular triangle lace bralettes, which caught my attention about two years ago. Being a small chested woman with barely there breasts, shopping for bras at Victoria Secret can easily be a joke sometimes. Unless I was going out and wearing a form-fitting bodycon dress, I would definitely want more shape and dimension for my chest.

On a regular day, I stand by my mantra of comfort over everything. Okay, maybe not everything because I still want to look stylish.

Anyway, my point is that these triangle lace bralettes which retails at $20 is way too expensive for something so delicate and if I remember correctly, they needed to be hand-washed, which is the next annoying aspect after it’s high maintenance price. I found the exact bralette for much cheaper (at only $6 and they even have matching panties which are sold separately) at a smaller, rising fast fashion retailer, called Q Fashion. At this rate, buying three is still cheaper than buying one at UO.

Q Fashion has a few locations in Southern California and I’ve been to it’s Burbank and Sherman Oaks locations. Other locations can be found on it’s website.

What do you think?

Bralettes have definitely replaced bras in my life for more than a year now. They are too comfortable to pass up if you are small chested like myself. Are bralettes your style?

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