Photo Diary: Murphy Ranch Trail (LA)

I’ve been a little stressed lately (but when am I not because I know the moment I stop stretching myself is when I stop growing as a person and that means my life is stagnating), so hiking is the easiest way to unwind without feeling that you didn’t do anything over the weekend.

It’s the type of exercise for those who can’t and dislike running while still getting to be outdoors, feel good about getting our cardio in, all while getting our girl talk sessions in.

I’ve been begging my friend to take me on this trail but I was met with rejection because she said the trail was too hard. Being the friend who made her hike four hours to the Hollywood sign (I don’t know how we did that, perhaps we were just younger two years ago), I thought she was just being a bit of a baby about it. Truth is… it was tough and my legs will likely hurt for the rest of the week — and I deserve it because I’m totally the baby I thought she was, ha!

The Murphy Ranch Trail in LA was indeed an interesting and definitely different hike I’ve ever gone on. The graffiti and Nazi campground is certainly not what I expected. So here goes the adventure in photos!

Gloomy day in LA.

Hiking with a chance of rain.

On the way down.

You don’t realize how beautiful the flowers are while hiking until you take a shot up close.

The path to greenery.

The Nazi Compound.

On the way back up, this was our motivation.

And lastly, made peace with our stomaches at Plan Check Kitchen + Bar.