5 Friends, 5 Trends (Kevolie)

That rhymed. I swear it wasn’t intentional.

Post-TVB and honeymoon, Myolie Wu has been focused on her bridal fashion business with business partner and Hong Kong designer, Kev Yiu. The brand called Kevolie is a combination and play on their names. While Hong Kong’s fashion scene is still small compared to other parts of the world and it’s Asian sister country, Korea, on this night, Myolie invited many of her entertainment circle friends who also happen to be fashionistas, Selena Li, Tavia Yeung, Paisley Hu, Nancy Wu, and Vivien Yeo (not in picture above) amongst others.

Having seen many Hong Kong celebrities appear in functions, promotions, events, and sometimes even red carpets with lackluster and unoriginal pieces, I was pleasantly surprised that this shot caught my eye for several reasons.

For once, the girl friends have not only coordinated and seems to mutually agree that black and white are the way to go, but everyone is sporting one or another spring and summer 2016 trend that makes the whole crew appear not only classically, but also effortlessly stylish!

One of the tricks I’ve learned over the years is to buy trendy pieces in the colors you wear most often — for me, this happens to be black and white (and gray). That way, even after the trend has long gone, that won’t stop the piece from fitting in with your style.

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Selena — Cropped & Midi

Selena’s two piece is both feminine and edgy, the midi skirt is classy while the crop top leaves something to be imagined. The black on white with a hint of yellow is sophisticated while her newly-cut bangs are somewhat girly. Selena proves that you can be both!

Tavia — Off Limits Shoulders

I always felt that Tavia has a knack for choosing colors and textures that ages her beyond her years. I’m pleasantly surprised that the white off shoulders eyelet maxi dress brings her back to being a down-to-earth goddess while humbly showing off her collarbone. The dewy makeup and loose strands of wavy hair is also on point!

Paisley — Thick Choker & Flare

I’ve always known that Paisley has a unique and sophisticated sense of style, but she really seems to rock these white flared pants better than any Asian celebrity I’ve seen. Oh and let’s not forget the wrapping up her outfit with a sleek black thick choker and her shiny hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Nancy — Wrap (It Across) Dress

Have I not made clear that I love wrap dresses this season? Wrap dresses are classic and have been around for a long time, but Nancy dresses her up to be red-carpet worthy by picking out a maxi style one with leg slits.

Is it me or does Nancy look extra youthful with simple makeup, side-swept bangs, and slightly rounder face?

What do you think?

Which of these trends are you most likely to wear?