Links I Love: Week of June 16, 2016

Every week I soar the web for articles that I loved reading and left learning something valuable for myself. So here they are:


Ever had the issue of wanting to “no” to a friend, but always end up saying “yes” so we don’t feel like a mean person or a bad friend? Aileen of Lavendarie on YouTube shares her tips on how to find a compromise for both parties.


It’s June now, meaning we are halfway through the year. Time to reassess your progress this year: 30 Things to Stop Doing This New Year.


Just in case anyone is as determined as me in taking the perfect selfie by Pop Sugar: We Just Found the Answer to Always Looking Good in Your Selfies. I agree with having a flawless finish for your face despite all the apps out there that allows you to beautify yourself via technology. It can easily look too unnatural.


Love Selena Gomez’s new bangs! The loose bangs are so carefree, casual, but totally hot!


One of the most accurate reads ever if you are an Intuitive like myself, by Thought Catalog: 10 Things That Happen When You’re An Intuitive In A Family Of Sensors


Anyone else as obsessed as Zara as I am at the moment? It took me too long to get on the bandwagon, but even if it’s window shopping, I love Zara for how classic it’s street style pieces can be. Who What Wear shares the 7 Pieces Every Girl Should Buy at Zara.


Have pen and paper ready for this short quiz on whether you have an east or west mindset, if you’re Asian. I got 3 “western” and 2 “Asian.”


How to shop and find the best stuff at fast fashion retailers by Refinery29.


Breakfast ideas are a constant struggle for me, but I love the idea of the avocado toast template idea. Here are some alternative toppings and breakfast ideas.


I’ve heard of many of these before, but it’s always a nice reminder and re-read since there is definitely some truth in them: Life Advice That Every 20-Something Needs.

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