Rave Review: L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation

Product: L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation


Cushion foundations have been the talk of town if you haven’t heard yet and I’d admit I’m a little late to the game. The 100+ degree summer here in LA had me switching up my foundation routine, but most importantly, I wanted something that gave me that luminous, dewy glow! Call it the wet look or a sun-kissed glow or whatever, but a brighter complexion is a healthier one as well.

The idea of the cushion foundation is that the usual liquid foundation is soaked into a cushion where you’ll need a sponge applicator to pick up. Because the process doesn’t require your fingers or a separate makeup brush, it is a product that’s highly-coveted for it’s convenience while traveling. Fueled by it’s pink and Asian-inspired beauty product packaging, it was hard not to pick this one up!

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the product!


  • Pretty packaging. Extra points because it’s pink!
  • Convenient for traveling due to his practical packaging. With the sponge, mirror, and sponge applicator, you can throw this on right before landing. You won’t need another mirror or brush because this is the whole package.
  • Thin and lightweight so it doesn’t feel like there’s anything on your face.
  • Gives an all-over natural, luminous glow and definitely lives up to it’s name!
  • Affordable, drugstore price and can be found almost anywhere that sells beauty products if you live in the U.S.


  • Low staying power. Last for about 2-3 hour before your skin becomes oily. (Not recommended for oily skin types, but I have combo skin, meaning my T-zone areas tends to get oily during the day, but everywhere else is quite dry.) You will definitely want to either oil blot or reapply powder throughout the day.
  • I see this as a thin foundation for summer and most people look for SPF in their summer foundations. This one doesn’t have it though. (I’m allergic to one or more ingredients in SPF products, so this is actually a pro for me.)
  • Light coverage (but that’s all I need).
  • Since I’m use to using my hands or a brush to apply foundation, I found that I have less control when I use their sponge applicator. It also takes longer for me to finish applying my foundation because it’s a relatively thin sponge.

The Verdict

This is a beautiful and lightweight foundation for anyone who wants a seamless application process. If you are someone who is just getting into makeup and don’t want to invest in a foundation brush or if you’re someone who has good skin, but wants something that elevates, smoothes, and brighten up your complexion, this is definitely the product to show some love to!

Although I’ve listed quite a few cons, the only real con for me is the staying power because I dislike and almost never touch up my makeup throughout the day (other than lipstick).

Staying power is usually the con when it comes to non-matte foundations, however, so I can’t really complain. You can’t have the best of both worlds or at least I have yet to find a product that has.

Will I Repurchase?

I love the idea of the cushion foundation because of how practical and clean the application process is. As for repurchase, I want to try and compare cushion foundations from other brands before committing to just this one.

Rating: 4/5 stars

  • This foundation was amazeballs for me. Finally an American-based cushion foundation that works on dry skin AND doesn’t irritate me. The luminosity is brilliant, the coverage is astounding, the color decent AND best of all, SO convenient to carry around. No sponge needed or messy fingers. I hated K-based BB creams (they either have parabens, irritating sunscreen ingredients OR their colors turns me gray.) J-based BB creams aren’t much better etither. And it sucks when you buy a foundation and you can’t return it since you have to buy it from overseas.

    This L’oreal one has everything I want – great shine (i LOVE the shine; it makes my skin look moisturized and glowy), coverage opaque to cover any acne scars, light and gentle formula, very non-irritating ingredients, easy portability and convenience, reasonable price (buy when on sale which is pretty frequent) and good color selection. Even Paula Begoun’s team rated this high on their list of foundations. I also liked their other recommendation – the Physician CC cream. Also works well but I hate having to deal with liquid formulas that I need additional tools to use.

    I tried the “W” shade but I’m looking to try the “N” shade next. I think that one might be a better fit for my skintone than the “W” one. Which shade did you buy?

  • I personally still think that BB creams and a good beauty blender give me the best coverage, but I rather like IOPE’s BB cream air cushion. If you’re looking for something more matte, maybe check out The Face Shop? I have one from them that’s too matte for my taste but has a light, buildable finish. Unfortunately I haven’t tried this one though as Western formulated brands tend to make me break out!


    • Stellar, I’m sorry to hear that western formulated brands tend to make you break out. Is there a certain ingredient that you think might do that? I break out from any type of products with SPF so I understand how inconvenient and annoying that may be. For me western brands are more accessible in the drugstores like Target, but since the bb cushion craze came from Korea, I’m sure the quality and options in Korean brands are endless.

      I’ve been seeing so much about IOPE’s BB cushions on Twitter and sure am tempted to place an order soon.

      • I’m not sure what ingredient it is though I have a feeling that it’s simply how they’re made. It seems to not only be bb creams but also moisturising creams too – a make up artist used one on me before and it literally sat on top of my skin. Didn’t soak in at all. I think it’s because Western formulas are often on a creamier and heavier side whilst Asian products tend to be more gel based and sheerer?

        Western brands are definitely more accessible. I’m from Australia so imported Asia cosmetics are a reputable store will be three or four times the actual price in Korea, so I’ve been contacting and checking out different Korea based websites. So far so good 😀


    • Andrea, I’ve heard a lot of great things about Etude House. Will definitely be trying some Asian branded bb cushion soon. I love how these types of foundations keeps my hands clean throughout the whole makeup application process.

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