Top 20: Miss Hong Kong 2016 Contestants Who Made the Cut

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TVB who runs the annual Miss Hong Kong and Mr. Hong Kong (took a hiatus for a few years) pageant shows has decided to combine the two shows for the year 2016. While I’m certainly skeptical about this “creative” decision, but also more so interested and excited to see it’s conception in execution.

The skepticism arises from the fact the the Miss Hong Kong pageant has always been more of a classic beauty pageant that viewers and followers of the show have higher regards towards while the Mr. Hong Kong equivalent (or not) is more of a lowly-budgeted, public and celebrity-judged strip show. Or simply said, a joke. If crowned winners of the Miss Hong Kong pageant can build a promising career with TVB tomorrow (simply look at the career acceleration speed of Grace Chan and Sisley Choi), it takes years of uncertainty for Mr. Hong Kong winners to have any type of career with the TV station. Benjamin Yuen who has been receiving more leading or co-leading role opportunities lately is an exception. Joey Law and Stephen Huynh’s bodies and cuteness back then were way more hotter than their acting careers farm out to be. And for the worse, Matthew Ko gave up on the station for a more meaningful career in business and working with children.

With that said, I digressed a bit too far.

This year TVB has expanded their number of initial contestants to 50 and through a process of elimination, we ended up with a batch of 20 — on average, higher quality contestants in terms of physical attraction than last year’s. Still, even if 50 contestants allow more options for viewers, it’s more about quality than quantity. Even at 20 contestants, the show usually drags out for longer than necessary and it becomes a bore when the winners are quite apparent and predictable from the start. When the show consisted of 10-12 contestants, the show was most enjoyable and the contestants were more memorable.

Bonnie Chan, Crystal Fung, and Mandy Yuen who seem to be public hot favorites are worth a mention. The final contestants that made Top 20 graced the runway in an all white ensemble that consisted of some of my favorite seasonal fashion trends, from cropped tops, off shoulder tops, to midi and maxi flared skirts. Definitely a step up from the peplum bandage dresses from earlier this year’s Miss Chinese International, another pageant that they don’t seem to put much budget towards.

Click here to see how these contestants introduce and carry themselves and while these introductions are usually bland and repetitive, I’m surprised how many candidates show up better in photography than videography or vice versa. From the video, Sophie appeared to be a viable candidate, but unfortunately, didn’t place Top 20.

Top 20: Contestants’ Portraits





Personal Favorite: Bonnie Chan

Miss Photogenic (Predicted): Bonnie Chan, Crystal Fung

Who is your favorite?

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