First Impressions: Dead Wrong (TVB, 2016)

Dead Wrong (致命復活)

Genre: Modern Drama/Thriller/ Mystery
Length: 28 episodes
Producer: Lam Chi Wah

The Cast: Roger Kwok, Joey Meng, Vincent Wong, Kenny Wong, Rebecca Zhu, Tyson Chak, KK Cheung, Stephanie Ho, Zoie Tam, Koo Ming Wah, etc.

If there was a most engaging first episode award, it would go to Dead Wrong. Clearly, TVB and the producer had Dead Wrong in mind for an anniversary series and it didn’t take beyond the first episode to realize. Action, mystery, revenge, and filming in Vietnam the first episode already filled our eyes with gory details. Sure, it’s very unrealistic that a man can live on a secluded island with no friends, locked away in the world’s dirtiest prison, and ate raw snakes and frogs for 10 years can survive. If there was anything I can’t wrap around my head initially, it was the extremity of his circumstances. And no surprises, even the Vietnam cops said the same thing.

Dead Wrong has the recipe for a successful series and after watching 7 episodes, I’m hooked!

It’s probably the first series this year that makes me want to scream, “I can’t wait for more!” The series is unpredictable. And because so much has already happened in 7 episodes, what’s next? Vincent and Roger was kidnapped. Vincent escaped. Roger lived and was founded 10 years later. Roger discovered that his wife has moved on after 10 years. He preserved for 10 years for his wife and son’s sake only to realize that she believed he was dead all along. He came back to Hong Kong and learned that Kenny was the third party in his relationship. While he learned to let go and focus on his work, his younger co-worker gives him a hard time and makes fun of his outdated work methods.

Despite being a little skeptical about his unwavering perseverance and the premise a bit (or very) unrealistic, Dead Wrong still has the best foundation of a TVB series this year locked in with emotion, family, relationships, and work. I’m not even a huge fan of the cast, but they can all act.

Roger and Joey plays a loving couple and appears to have a promising and happy future together despite having an autistic son. Kenny plays Joey’s childhood friend from their orphanage in Vietnam who wholeheartedly wants the best life for Joey. Vincent plays Roger’s apprentice who deeply admires and respects him, but ever since escaping from the Vietnam prison, he becomes deeply engaged with only the most dangerous activities and alienates himself from his family. I’d admit, I find Vincent’s fearless and leather jacket-character highly appealing!

Among the younger cast, Stephanie is Kenny’s only living relative and again reprise a role similar to her previous ones: youthful, spunky, daring, and comedic. It seems like Steph will have a thing or two with Vincent, which I look forward to based on the chemistry I’ve seen so far. ;) Zoie Tam, who appears to be a Myolie Wu look-alike, is an ambitious young woman who sees Roger as his competition. She defies all of Roger’s olden ways, claims he is outdated with his methods as a company doctor, and takes every opportunity to trip him up.

If there was anyone who I don’t look forward to, it would be Rebecca who will play Roger’s new love interest and boss. Forget about the age gap which is all too common in TVB series these days, Rebecca has neither Eliza Sam’s charisma and cuteness on screen nor radiates Grace Chan’s positivity that makes you want to forgive her for her less than perfect acting. 

If you loved Fist of Four Walls and think it’ll win Best Drama this year, think again. Dead Wrong is the only other series that comes close to competing… Unrealistic or not, it’s thrilling drama that has you at the edge of your seat!